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Raja Pervez Ashraf Speech In PPP Jalsa – 18th October 2014

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani Former PM of Pakistan and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Former PM of Pakistan in fresh episode of Aik Din Geo Ke Saath on Geo News and talk with Sohail Warrich.


Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Former Prime Minister of Pakistan in an exclusive interview with Muneeb Farooq in fresh episode of Aapas Ki Baat on Geo News.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf talks to Media – 28th June 2012

To The Point with Shahzeb Khanzada – [ Raja Pervez Ashraf.. Wazeer e Azam ] 22nd June 2012

Raja Parvez Ashraf Speech – 19th October 2012

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script> Makhdoom Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Former PM of Pakistan and Raja Pervez Ashraf Former PM of Pakistan in fesh episode of Aman Ramzan on Geo News and talk with Sohail Warraich.

Raja Pervez Ashraf Former PM Pakistan, Saeed Ghani PPP, Kashmala Tariq PML-HK, Andleeb Abbas PTI and Senator Haji Muhammad Adeel ANP in fresh episode of Inkaar on Capital Tv and talk with Javed Iqbal.

Raja Pervez Ashraf Former PM of Pakistan, Muhammad Malick Anchor Person Dunya News, Lt. Gen (R) Talat Masood Defence Analyst, Asia Ishaq APML, Ikram Sehgal Defence Analyst and Athar Minallah Advocate SC in fresh episode of Top Story on Dunya News and talk with Muhammad Usama Ghazi. Today’s Topic: Zamant mansokh , Pervaiz Musharaf adalat […]

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf appeared before the Supreme Court in a long running legal battle with the top judges over the money laundering cases facing President Asif Ali Zardari. The court summoned the new Prime Minister to explain whether he will write a letter to Swiss authorities seeking revival of corruption cases against Zardari.

The fate of two months long tenure of Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf hangs in balance after the Supreme Court summoned him to appear himself in the court on August 27. The apex court has given him two options — either face contempt of court proceeding or comply with the court order to […]

Amid protests by the opposition parties, Pakistan’s Lower House of the Parliament has passed a new Contempt Law which grants immunity to new Prime Minister and Federal Ministers from prosecution on contempt of court charges. The new law will help Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to seek immunity from prosecution on contempt charges he could […]

Following a messy political process, new Pakistani P.M. Raja Pervez Ashraf has emerged. CNN’s Reza Sayah reports.

Pakistan has a new prime minister after a week of political turbulence.The army, the courts and the government have been locked in a battle over corruption in politics.And it may not end with the selection of Raja Pervez Ashraf as PM.

The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has nominated former Information Technology Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to succeed Yousaf Raza Gilani as prime minister.

Authorities in Pakistan blocked access to Twitter on Sunday, over mention of a contest held in 2010 asking people to draw images of the Prophet Muhammad, and a corresponding Facebook page attempting to make May 20 “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” At first it wasn’t clear who instituted the ban, but the Washington Post reported the […]

C. Raja Mohan Indian Senior Analyst, Jahangir Khan Tareen PTI and Raja Pervez Ashraf PPP in fresh episode of Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath in Geo New and Talk With Kamran Khan.