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Raja Pervaiz Ashraf 'Raja Rental' History

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This video took a close look at the history of Raja Pervaiz Ashraf which has been nominated by PPP as Prime Minister of Pakistan after meeting with core members and collation partners.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf started his carrer in politics as chairman of Social Action Program under the second regime of Benazir Bhutto. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf got elected as Federal Minister of Water / Electricity during the government of ex Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. He claimed to end energy crises by December but those promises were never fulfilled.

Being involved in Rental Power corruption Raja Pervaiz Ashraf got notoriously famous as ‘Raja Rental’. This case is still having its proceedings but Raja Rental has such a luck that he is now being nominated by PPP as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

PPP raised the name of Raja Pervaiz Ashraf ‘ Raja Rental’ after dropping Makhdoom Shahabuddin whose involvement in the Ephedrine scandal case become a hurdle for him to run for PM nominations.